Integrated Applications

Simply ingenious.

Simply ingenious.

Qbox is a cloud based resource for Windows, that you can use to share supported desktop application files over the Internet and collaborate in realtime, without creating conflicts. It works miracles with QuickBooks.



ADD-ONS for desktop QuickBooks Point of Sale

Email or call K.C. at 2nd Site Business Solutions for more information about any of these add-on software solutions.     503-246-7776

Customer Display  Annual subscription – $299

Use an iPad or iPad Mini to display item/receipt information and advertising messages to the customer as their purchase is being processed, capture signatures for credit card transactions, and allow the customer to key in their phone number to quickly look up their account. Streamlines the customer checkout process.


Total Customer   Annual subscription – $299

Verify age for restricted items, validate memberships and use driver licenses to instantly create customers. 3 features rolled into 1 add-on!


Consignment    Annual subscription – $499

Track consignment inventory as well as what and when to pay consignors.


Consignment Web Reporting  Annual subscription – $499

Allows consignors to view inventory online to see what has sold and what is still in inventory.


Outdoor Labels   Annual subscription – $299

Create Tag and Label Templates for Garden, Nursery and Landscape inventory.


exact-logo-new     Manufacturing and distribution inventory control software for QuickBooks Online.




Nexus: Did you cross the line?

Is your business growing? If you sell into more than one state, you may have nexus and need to collect sales tax. Nexus laws have recently expanded to include distribution, independent agents, remote employees, affiliate networks and in some states, online and remote sales. Be certain you understand what’s changed and where you are required to collect tax to protect against non-compliance penalties. Avalara’s free online nexus wizard can walk you through the process in just 10 easy steps.

Take the pain out of sales tax tracking with Avalara, a service fully integrated with your QuickBooks data. Avalara will accurately identify the sales tax jurisdiction of every sale, calculate the tax to be collected, pay collected taxes to the proper authority, and file every tax form for you. You focus on making sales and let Avalara do the rest.