Point of Sale Hardware

To get the greatest benefit from QuickBooks Point of Sale you need hardware that is fully compatible with your software. Below is a list of peripheral hardware recommend and supported by Intuit, sold by 2nd Site Business Solutions at slightly less than retail. I recommend purchasing these products simply because doing so ensures that Intuit tech support will help you if you run into problems down the road. They will assist you with hardware issues if you are using equipment recommended by Intuit and purchased from an Intuit Premier Reseller.


NOTE: 2nd Site sells Intuit POS hardware as a convenience to 2nd Site customers only, and only in the state of Oregon. We are not a retail web store discounter!

Barcode Reader (Honeywell 1300g)

Ring up sales faster and track inventory more accurately

  • Read quickly across high and low density bar codes
  • Sleek ergonomic design for operator comfort and productivity
  • Rugged construction for durability
  • Scanner stand included
  • USB interface

Retail Price: $199.95


Cash Drawer (Val-U-Line) 16.2′ wide x 16.4′ deep x 4.3′ high

Opens automatically when you complete a sale

  • Sturdy, full-size all metal construction
  • Lockable for extra security
  • Dual media input slots
  • Connects to receipt printer

Retail Price: $109.95


POS Credit Card Reader (MSR R3 Magtek Mini Swipe)

Process credit, debit and gift cards directly from your PC*

  • Saves time and eliminates the need for a standalone terminal
  • Requires Point of Sale or Cash Register Plus Merchant Service
  • Meets regulatory industry standards
  • USB powered — no external power supply required

Retail Price: $69.95

Pin pad with integrated Credit Card Reader (Telium IPP350) EMV Compliant
Customers can pay with credit or PIN-based debit cards*

  • Save money on processing costs by having your customers use debit cards
  • Allows your customers to maintain possession of their credit and debit cards
  • USB interface
  • Meets latest PCI PED security standards, EMV compliant
  • Requires Intuit Point of Sale QuickBooks Payments account obtainable through 2nd Site Business Solutions for best rates

Retail Price : $349.95


Pole Display (Logic Control LD9900)
Display prices as you ring up sales

  • Allows customers to verify price for increased satisfaction
  • Bright green fluorescent display with high visibility
  • Easily program custom messages
  • Adjustable viewing angles
  • USB powered — no external power supply needed

Retail Price: $209.95


POS Hardware Bundle-4 pieces including:

  • 1 Cash Drawer – Val-U-Line
  • 1 Receipt Printer – Star TSP143
  • 1 credit/debit/gift card reader – Magtek Mini Swipe*
  • 1 Barcode Reader – Honeywell 1300g

Retail Price: $575.00


POS Receipt Printer w/cutter Star TSP143
Receipt prints out when a sale is complete

  • Also prints duplicate credit card slips and gift receipts
  • Auto-cutter for easy removal of receipt
  • Easy drop-in paper loading
  • USB interface

Retail Price: $219.95


Tag Printer – beige, Zebra LP2824
Print your own inventory tags and bar code labels

  • Pair with Bar Code Scanner to enter merchandise information faster and more accurately
  • Compact size fits into areas other printers can’t
  • USB interface

Retail Price: $329.95


Wireless Barcode Scanner – Metrologic MS 9535 Voyager BT
Ring up sales faster and track inventory more accurately using wireless Bluetooth technology with USB base station (This is NOT a physical inventory scanner.)

  • Read quickly across high and low density bar codes
  • Sleek ergonomic design for operator comfort and productivity
  • Rugged construction for durability
  • Scanner stand included
  • USB interface

Retail Price: $409.95


QuickBooks-Approved retail hardware comes with a one (1) year Hardware Component Manufacturers Limited Warranty, an Intuit Limited Warranty of Interoperability and a sixty (60) Day Money Back Satisfaction Limited Warranty. Click here for the full warranty. Due to hardware upgrades, actual components may differ slightly in appearance.

Intuit works closely with the manufacturers of hardware sold by Intuit for use with Point of Sale to ensure these devices work together. Hardware such as PIN Pads and Physical Inventory Scanners purchased from other sources may not have the required programming to work with Retail Solutions software and/or Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Merchant Service. Intuit does not provide hardware programming, and does not guarantee hardware purchased elsewhere will work with Intuit software and services.

* To use credit card reader or PIN pad with integrated card swipe, the following is required: (1) Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Merchant Service account, obtainable through 2nd Site Business Solutions (2) the most current or two years previous Point of Sale software, (3) internet access or modem and phone line (sold separately), and (4) printer (sold separately). POS Merchant Service is subject to application approval, fees and additional terms and conditions. Contact K.C. at 2nd Site for current information. 503-246-7776 2nd-Site@2nd-Site.com

Compatible Hardware not sold by Intuit

Many people ask me if they can just use the hardware they already have. The answer is, maybe. It your current hardware is on the compatible hardware list, you’ll probably be just fine. However, you may not use merchant service related hardware purchased elsewhere for integration with QuickBooks Point of Sale. QuickBooks Point of Sale software only integrates with Intuit’s own merchant service solutions, which only works with the hardware they sell, and they do not offer programming services to convert your current hardware. The only exception is if you purchased used equipment from someone who purchased it from Intuit, then it’s already programmed to be compatible with their merchant services and Point of Sale. Warning: some equipment may be obsolete and no longer work with newer versions of POS.


Most computers are perfectly fine to use with your Point of Sale software, although it should have Windows Professional operating system, not the Home version, so feel free to shop locally. Ask K.C. at 2nd Site for the name of an IT specialist near you who can help you select and install your computers and network.

I strongly recommend exceeding the 2 GB RAM minimum requirement by increasing it to at least 4 GB on the POS server workstation, even in a standalone configuration. 8 GB is even better. Maximize the number of USB ports. You will need one for each of the following that you choose to use: mouse/keyboard, credit card reader, pin pad, bar code scanner, receipt printer, report printer, tag printer (aka Zebra printer), pole display, physical inventory scanner, flash drive or external backup drive. Avoid putting any of the printers, card reader, pin pad, or physical inventory scanner on a USB hub. The other peripherals work fine on a powered USB hub.