QuickBooks Training

  • Entry level introduction to basic features to start using QuickBooks, Enterprise and Point of Sale today
  • Progressive follow up sessions empowering every person with proficiency
  • Corrective training sessions when employees have developed inconsistencies
  • Question and answer sessions to address specific issues or problem areas
  • Customized group training for your staff designed to match your company’s unique needs
  • Will travel to branch offices or franchise locations to train staff in using identical processes, ensuring corporate-wide conformity to your methods and standards.

Working with an experienced professional is a wonderful thing. It’s even more wonderful when that person cares more about your success than about maximizing their own profit. That’s why K.C. strives to empower her clients through training, sharing her knowledge, rather than encouraging them to relinquish their control to an outside provider.


Hourly rate: $125.00  –  2 hour minimum for on-site visits.

2nd Site accepts payment by check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and electronic funds transfer.

For basic inquiries and quick questions I offer emailed and telephone advice as part my commitment to serving you, not as a billable event.