Independent sales, support and consulting services for  QuickBooks® software products.

  1. Do you need answers for those pesky QuickBooks problems?
  2. Did your bookkeeper bail and leave you with a mess?
  3. Do you want guidance on revamping your workflow or improving  efficiencies?
  4. Would quarterly reviews help keep QuickBooks under control?
  5. Are you looking for a good “deal” on a QuickBooks Enterprise subscription?
  6. Do you prefer QuickBooks® desktop software over QuickBooks Online® but want to work from diverse locations without hosting costs?  Click here to try Qbox for free.

2nd Site and Drive Accounting can solve these and many more of your QuickBooks® software challenges.

Contact us for easy answers and for solutions that will ensure the ongoing reliability of your bookkeeping data.

Indepdendent Training for QuickBooks® 

  • Entry level introduction to basic features for new employees.
  • Progressive follow up sessions empowering every person with proficiency in their tasks.
  • Question and answer sessions to address specific issues or problem areas

Independent Support to users of QuickBooks® 

  • Assisted Payroll setup and support
  • Monthly bank and credit card reconciliation
  • Quarterly data quality analysis and correction
  • Annual year end review

Special Services

  • Project Management
  • Import/Export lists and transactions
  • Troubleshoot and eliminate integrity errors, stabilize your file
  • Select and integrate 3rd party software to extend your complete solution
Independent Reseller of QuickBooks® Software

  • 1 hour free needs assessment for QuickBooks Enterprise® software
  • Free Enterprise software selection and pricing advice
  • Installation of QuickBooks® desktop software
  • New data file created and configured to meet your specific needs
  • Recommendation and customization of preferences and users access rights
  • Quotes and sales for fully integrated merchant services

Clean up & optimization of your QuickBooks® data file

  • Identify and merge duplicate list entries (Customers, vendors, employees, items)
  • Restore A/R & A/P accuracy
  • Locate and reallocate misappropriated income and expenses
  • Reconcile all balance sheet accounts including inventory and liabilities

QuickBooks® software products by Intuit are among the most powerful tools you can use to manage your business. However, unless you’re an accounting or bookkeeping professional, it can be a challenge to set up and use QuickBooks® software products to deliver the financial information you need in an accurate, effective and understandable way.

When you work with 2nd Site Business Solutions’ team at Drive Accounting,  you’ll be empowered with the skills you need to succeed, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that comes from having a clear and accurate view of your financial position.

We are independent members of the QuickBooks® Solution Provider program who can guide you through the process of assessing, selecting, purchasing, implementing and integrating your QuickBooks software, payroll, and QuickBooks Payments merchant services solutions.

(Please note that 2nd Site is not currently accepting new QuickBooks Point of Sale customers.)