K.C. Courtnier, Intuit Premier Reseller

Here’s a message from K.C.

K.C.’s goal of helping businesses to more effectively and correctly manage financial data has allowed her to assist over 900 companies ranging as far away as Barcelona, Spain. Over the past 19 years, K.C. has enjoyed seeing her clients grow and succeed by providing them the confidence and peace of mind that comes from a solid understanding of how to make the most of their QuickBooks software.

With a degree in Management and Professional Development and more than 30 years of business experience in management, accounting, training and hands-on work in a variety of industries, K.C. is well positioned to help virtually any size or type of business. She’s has acquired 30 different QuickBooks certifications since 1999 for QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Advanced ProAdvisor, Enterprise ProAdvisor, Point of Sale ProAdvisor, and QuickBooks Online.

(Please note that K.C. is not accepting new clients for QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks for Mac.)

What is an Intuit Premier Reseller?

Intuit Premier Resellers are an elite group of Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors who have undergone additional education and testing to develop expertise in technology and solutions integration for small to medium businesses. They are certified to sell, implement, and support QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, QuickBooks Point of Sale  and other Intuit products.

For years 2nd Site was an Intuit Solution Provider, but in 2012 Intuit terminated the Intuit Solution Provider program and invited approximately 1 out of every 4 program members to join the new Intuit Premier Reseller program. K.C. Courtnier was selected for this honor based on superior sales and consulting performance. 2nd Site was one of only 40 companies nationwide to achieve a 100% customer delight standing based on random interviews of 2nd Site clients by Intuit.

A comment from K.C.:


I know you have many options in selecting a consultant to help you address your software challenges. When you select 2nd Site Business Solutions, you’re selecting me. I am 2nd Site Business Solutions. So you won’t be passed on to a lower level employee with limited experience. You won’t pay Intuit Premier Reseller rates only to be served by an employee limited to routine bookkeeper level skills and knowledge. You won’t have to explain your needs to a receptionist and wonder if they’ll convey your situation accurately to whomever is assigned to help you. You won’t have to worry that you’ll be passed around from one staff member to another depending on who’s working that day.

If you do business with 2nd Site, you get me. No substitutes.

I’m not the best fit for everyone and I don’t try to be. If you call and I know I can’t meet your specific needs as well as someone else can, I’ll tell you. I won’t waste your time or your money. If you call and I’m with another client, you’ll need to leave a message so I can call you back. Conversely, when I’m with you, my cell phone won’t ring because you’re paying for my time and you’ll have my undivided attention.

I don’t have a team of employees waiting to take your call and run you through a rehearsed script. I handle each client uniquely based on their specific requests and requirements. I do have a close affiliation with four other highly skilled independent QuickBooks ProAdvisors in the greater Portland/Vancouver area to whom I refer clients when I can’t take on additional work.

I don’t do bookkeeping, payroll, tax forms preparation or business analysis. I’m a QuickBooks consultant, a software sales specialist, and a trainer, ready to address your problems and to empower you with knowledge so you can run your company more efficiently, effectively, and successfully.

No matter how much technology changes the way we all do business, my goal remains the same; to share with you what I know, with integrity, enthusiasm, and good cheer, so we both succeed in our respective businesses.

I look forward to meeting you to solve your QuickBooks related software challenges.


Wishing you a highly profitable year,

K.C. Courtnier
Your Intuit Premier Reseller