Here are just a few of the 63 5-star testimonials currently posted on Intuit’s “Find-A-ProAdvisor” website where K.C.’s customer satisfaction rating is 5 stars.

Every testimonial attests to K.C.’s personal performance excellence, not generated by staff or classroom events.

September 11, 2019    Post Title: K.C. is the best!
“KC is a pleasure to work with. She is extraordinarily skilled, professional and generous with her knowledge. She responds quickly and teaches as she solves problems. We had a QB posting issue that baffled other QB pros; we were so happy to find her and now know where to turn when we have any QB problems. Such a relief! We highly recommend her.”
May 21, 2019    Post Title: knowledgeable with results
“KC has been great to work with….she has been helping us unravel a multi-year inventory issue. KC has been responsive and thorough in walking us through the appropriate steps. We have really appreciated having a valuable resource to contact and ask questions of along the way.”
May 16, 2018   Post Title:  love her!!!

“I was so happy to find K.C. I was having an issue with my inventory items in quickbooks. Pulling my hair out not being able to solve the problem. K.C. spent maybe 10 minutes on the phone with me, walked me through a few solutions and bingo she solved it!!! Thank you K.C. your a life saver :-)”

July 27, 2017   Post Title:  believer

“I’ve been a client of KC for some time – we actually became acquainted when I was working for another employer many years ago. I keep returning to her for consult and advise because she never fails to find the best solution to whatever QuickBooks problem I come across. I strongly and highly recommend her for any QB needs!”

June 13, 2017  Post Title: “QuickBooks Consulting”

“KC was very knowledgeable about the software and had recommended solutions to our problems almost as soon as we presented them. She was able to look at our file for only a few minutes and find simple things that we could do to make things cleaner and our process more streamlined. We will come back to her anytime we have a quickbooks question we cannot answer, with the confidence that she will be able to help us.”

January 25, 2017  Post Title:  “QB Desktop setup from QB online data migration”

“As a sales professional, I am no Intuit expert. I rely K.C. to provide guidance and to make sure I continually have things set up and running correctly in my QuickBooks accounting software. Not all QB experts are created equal as I have learned over the years. When I found K.C., I STRUCK GOLD! She really knows QB inside and out. I have yet to see her not be able to figure out a workable solution even for the most intimidating of QB discrepancies. She has a patient and kind, teacher-like disposition and works great with all personality types. Because she can effectively explain details and accounting concepts to me in a way that is easy for me to grasp I am now more a participant of the on-going accounting management in QB with my bookkeeper and accountant. In the past, this was not the case with others whose communications skills were not as refined. I felt I had no choice but lay faith in the consultant and hope they were doing things correctly in QB Unfortunately, by not having a two-way communication street, critical details would sometimes get overlooked by the consultant. At tax time things just never seemed to come out correctly in spite of my best efforts. I now know that the collaborative conversations, like what I have with K.C. are absolutely essential. Not having this in the past has been an absolute nightmare in both time and cost of undoing issues that now are avoidable – now that I have K.C. as a resource I can move forward in my accounting operations with piece of mind. MONEY WELL SPENT.”

October 9, 2015  Post Title: QuickBooks Clean Up

“After a couple of years of really messed up accounting, i needed help cleaning up all of my mistakes in quickbooks. I had hired a bookkeeper at one point and I think they ran away in fear of the disaster i had presented to them. Upon seeing K.C.’s ratings on this site, i emailed her, she got right back to me and we sat down with my computer and the embarrassing mess that is my books. Without judgement, she started fixing all of the problems, and consolidated my chart of accounts into something I could understand. She understands this program so well that she can fix complicated mistakes. I highly recommend her.”

March 15, 2015  Post Title: Exceptional service & very knowledgeable

“I messed up my QuickBooks credit card register and K.C. Courtnier emailed me very specific, detailed instructions on how to fix it. Her response was quick and accurate and because of her, I was able to solve the problem quickly. (I foresaw hours of extra work and it took a few minutes!) She is definitely the best and I recommend her services without reservation. K.C. knows what she’s doing!”

February 24, 2015  Post Title: Upgrade from a very old version

“We were using a very old version of QuickBooks, and after numerous attempts we were unable to get the data to cleanly transfer. KC was able to get the upgrade handled for us very quickly, and was great about responding in a timely manner.”

September 5, 2014  Post Title: Consult on missing template

” A couple years ago K.C. solved a list of 10 items in QB that other local consultants could not-that took only 1 hour. Then an invoice template vanished from QB 2012 a week ago. I spent 1 hour and 40 minutes with the QB help desks around the world-no solution. K.C., over the phone, directed me to “templates” “show all” and re-activated the template I have used for 10 years. Time-89 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!”

February 8, 2012  Post Title: QuickBooks software-recovering corrupted data file

“K.C. fixed what QuickBooks (Intuit tech support) was unable to fix. She is amazing. 5 stars.”

November 1, 2012  Post Title: Consulted on software fit for company

K.C. helped us figure out if QB was the solution for our company needs. She spent a great deal of time with us, listened to our long list of needs and questions, provided excellent insight, and got back to us later on any questions she could not answer on the spot. K.C.’s knowledge of QB is vast and her honesty and integrity was greatly appreciated.

March 15, 2010  Post Title: On-site assistance with QB Enterprise corrupted files and on-site training.

“K.C. Courtnier juggled her schedule when we asked her to fly to our location and work with us, after we found her on the Internet. Our system was not working correctly, we had some corruption, and the data would not even go through the “verify” process or back up, and we had already re-entered several day’s worth of data twice only to lose it again. After assisting us via telephone for an hour, she got here the very night we called her, spent the next day with us, assisted us in fixing our problems, then spent some extra time with on-site training. She’s knowledgeable, professional, well-trained, and calm, cool and collected – just what we needed when the Enterprise software wasn’t working at our 85,000 case per year winery in Walla Walla, Washington. I would recommend Ms. Courtnier to anyone.”

Regional – Servpro of OR., N.CA & W. NV.   ” K.C. was referred to me by a business associate  and when I heard of her ability with QuickBooks®, I was speed dialing her phone number. Not only has she been a wonderful consultant to our business, but we also hired her to travel to the 13 Servpro offices in Northern California, Reno and Oregon. This nice lady has had nothing but rave reviews from every office we sent her to. So I would like to say let her help you with her knowledge, professionalism, her work ethic, and her pleasant personality.

This letter from a client was particularly rewarding to receive:

“Dear K.C., I have consulted with four other top QuickBooks ProAdvisors in the Portland area. For one reason or another, I did not have them back. Your knowledge and professionalism are outstanding. I have finally found someone I can recommend. That would be you. You went beyond our expectations and needs, and we will definitely be contacting you with any further QuickBooks accounting needs. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you for all your help.”