Are these features missing in your version of QuickBooks Enterprise?

Written Aug. 27, 2011

I’ve already blogged about when to upgrade your software, but yesterday someone asked me, “What changes were made to QuickBooks Enterprise in the last two years?” It seems like an easy question but I tend to lose track of when each new feature was added. Maybe you do, too. So here’s a quick summary of the key features that were added to QuickBooks Enterprise in 2010 (v10.0) and in 2011 (v11.0). If you’re using any version prior to 10.0, you’re missing out on these features and can look forward to them in your next upgrade. ( )

The key features that were added to Enterprise 10.0 are:

  1. Document management (attaching documents to transactions)
  2. List Edit – change multiple items or names, etc. at the same time in a list style screen view including the ability to cut from Excel and paste into QuickBooks
  3. Additional Custom Fields with Improved Reporting based on custom fields
  4. Customize Your Company Snapshot
  5. Create a Consistent, Customized Look Across All Your Business Forms.  Access new free professional designs to customize and apply across all your forms all at once so all forms have the same uniform look.
  6. Re-engineered Intuit Statement Writer
  7. Enhanced Inventory Assemblies – change component items and quantity on the fly
  8. Redesigned Report Center – mostly a visual improvement rather than functionality change but it’s very cool

The key features that were added to Enterprise 11.0 are:

  1. Customer Average Days to Pay and Sales by Ship To Address reports
  2. Quantity totals on key Sales by Item reports
  3. Create a Profit & Loss by Class and Sales by Customer Summary report that combines data from multiple company files
  4. Track the quantity and value of inventory in multiple locations using Advanced Inventory (Additional annual fee of $699 – order through 2nd Site)
  5. Work in two company files at the same time on the same computer
  6. Quickly prioritize customers with the Customer Snapshot

Call or send me an email if you want an explanation of any of these features.

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