Can I use Qbox as my primary backup tool?

Written August 8, 2015

Yes, with a caveat: the file version on the Qbox cloud is only as recent as your last sync. So if you intend to use Qbox as your document backup, make sure that you are syncing your changes often, at least once a day.

And this next point is crucial. If you are using Qbox for storing, accessing, or sharing your QuickBooks company file, it’s imperative that you use the QuickBooks internal backup feature to back up your company file, (your *.QBW file), because a copy of the file is not enough. Use the internal backup feature frequently with full verification activated to ensure that any corruption or broken links in the company file are detected and corrected promptly. At the same time, the internal backup process will refresh the QuickBooks transaction log file (the *.TLG file) so it doesn’t become too large. That can be disastrous.

So for non-QuickBooks files, using Qbox is a functional backup solution, but for QuickBooks, you need to use the built-in backup feature as well.

QBox is for everyone.

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