Just Between You and Me

What you should know about how to use RSS Feed to follow a blog.

Sometimes we happen to not learn something that everyone else seems to already know. Then it’s so embarassing to admit we don’t know it, that we don’t ask anyone to explain it to us. A perfect example is, “How do I subscribe to a blog?”


To subscribe to this blog, or to any other web content that displays the RSS (RDF Site Summary aka: Really Simple Syndication) Logo.

Just click on the logo (see far lower left corner of this blog screen) and you’ll see this screen.

Choose an option for where you want the feed to send the posts so you can read them. I chose Outlook, but you may perfer your Google or Yahoo account.

Click Subscribe now. In my case, I then saw this screen.

Click “Advanced…” to see the options below, and create a Feed name and special folder if you wish to. I created a new folder for my RSS Feed called “2nd Site’s Insights”.

Now my Outlook shows this:


GoPayment – Credit Card processing for “Everyman”

It used to be that small businesses had to wait until their sales volume grew large enough to justify accepting credit cards. Those high monthly service fees, per transaction fees, discount fees, and hefty minimum processing volumes placed merchant services out of reach for many of us. Those days are gone. Now everyone can afford to accept credit cards, even if only for the occasional transaction. The solution is called GoPayment.


GoPayment goes where you go, as long as you have a cell phone. Any cell phone. Yep, as long as you have data services on your cell phone, you can accept credit card payments anyplace you receive cell service. Just use the web browser to access the GoPayment website to process a credit card transaction.

To get the lower swiped rates, there’s a GoPayment app for Androids, Blackberries, iPhones, iPads, and other select phones, along with various card swipes. It’s safe and it’s easy. The current list of app compatible phones continues to grow.


The best thing about GoPayment is that Intuit recently dropped the “per transaction” fee, (except for American Express cards because American Express just can’t seem to get on the bandwagon!) There’s no monthly minimum processing volume or minimum processing fees on the Low Volume accounts which are designed for processing under $1000 in monthly charges. The standard monthly service fee is only $12.95 on High Volume accounts which typically process over $1000 in monthly charges.  GoPayment is perfect for businesses with no office or retail location, like Party-Lite reps, personal trainers, farmers market booths, etc. Even retail stores are now adding GoPayment to their merchant service solution as an emergency backup method for processing sales when the electricity, phone lines, or Internet fails.


Read about one of my customers who used GoPayment to operate holiday kiosks. It was an amazingly quick, low-cost success story that Intuit featured in a national spotlight article.


Intuitively yours,