How to Record Donating a QuickBooks Point of Sale Gift Card

Written Sept. 1, 2011

Scenario: A store using POS would like to donate a gift card to a local charity.

There are several was to record this but the best solution I’ve seen requires only a single transaction and no need for any adjustments in QuickBooks financial.

In POS, create a new non-inventory item called Gift Card Donation Offset. Map this item to the Donation Expense account in the Income account field.

Create a sales transaction for the gift card. We’ll say the price is $100. Enter a second line on that Sales Receipt using the Gift Card Donation Offset item, entered as a return for -$100.

The result is a $0 transaction so there’s no impact on deposits in QuickBooks financial. You can create this Sales Receipt in the name of the Charity since you won’t know the end recipient.

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