How to stop your cashiers from giving away the store.

Written August 1, 2011

Have you ever wondered how you can stop your cashiers from using, and abusing, those “quick discounts” in Point of Sale version 10.0?

You can prevent a cashier from being able to access these discounts, whether intentionally or accidentally, by setting up a new security role. Go to Employees/Security. Copy the Associate group, name the copy “Cashier”. Tweak the permissions for this new security role to disallow (uncheck) “edit or discount selling price” but allow (check) “Apply coupons”.

Then use coupons to apply specific discounts to specific items (which you set up and control) instead of using the “quick discount” feature.  Some stores don’t require the customer to have the coupon. Instead, the store keeps a copy of each available coupon next to the cash register to be scanned whenever a discountable item is sold. It’s up to the cashier to remember to scan the coupon.

Warning: Coupons don’t work for items that use the Units of Measure feature so this solution won’t help you if you use Units of Measure. Read my blog entitled ” When Coupons Don’t Work in QuickBooks Point of Sale and What to do About it” for a solution to that problem.

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