How to Turn Point of Sale Shortcuts into Employee Habits.

Written October 9, 2011

I love using keyboard shortcuts but they are a pain in the you-know-what to remember. It’d be different of there were just a few. I could handle that. But the list in the help menu, as shown below, is daunting, to say the least. So here’s a fairly pain free way to learn them and teach your employees at the same time.

Use the note feature on the Home screen. Post one or two new shortcuts each week. Keep it simple. Keep it fresh. Remove old notes. Rotate the messages weekly until you’ve covered all that are important to you. Then start over. Gradually everyone will be in the habit of using shortcuts without the stress of trying to memorize that horrible list!

Common Keyboard Shortcuts:

Keystroke Action
Basic Navigation
<F10> Cycle focus between window and menu
<Ctrl+Q> Log in/out
<Alt+O> Open I Want To… menu
<Alt> Access text menus
<Alt+PgUp/PgDn> Cycle through open windows
<Tab> Accept entry and/or move from one field to the next in a form
<Shift+Tab> Reverse tab navigation
<Enter> Accept entry and/or move to next field in a list and on receipt payment window
<Arrow keys> Navigate in and between fields and columns
<Esc> Cancels current operation; backs out one screen; exits program from Navigator screen
<Home> Move cursor to first column in list
<End> Move cursor to last column in list
<Spacebar> Select/clear a checkboxCycle through choices on drop-down lists
Function Keys
<F1> Get Help on current task
<F3> Open the Find window for the active field
<F4> From lookup fields, access associated list to select
<F5> On document: Edit selected item.(Pro) In Inventory style grid: Edit selected style item.
<F8> Toggle between list and form view of the selected record
<F10> Toggle focus between the menu and window
<F11> Save (without printing transactional documents)
<F12> 1. Save (record, order document) or save & print (transactional document)2. Go to payment screen (from receipt body)
Control (Ctrl) Keys
<Ctrl+F> Open the Find window for the active field
<Ctrl+Q> Log in/out
<Ctrl+F4> Go to Item List (from documents)
<Ctrl+F7> Access Held documents (from history list)
<Ctrl+F8> Open installed cash drawer
<Ctrl+F10> Print tags (where applicable)
<Ctrl+n> Switch tabbed pages, n = 1,2,3, etc.
<Ctrl+PageUp> Display the previous record (form)
<Ctrl+PageDwn> Display the next record (form)
<Ctrl+Home> Go to first record in list
<Ctrl+End> Go to the last record in list
Alternate (Alt) Keys
<Alt> Access text menus
<Alt+underlined letter> Access visible options that contain an underlined letter by pressing <Alt + the underlined letter>. For example, to access Copy, use <Alt+C>.
<Alt+Page Up/Page Down> Cycle through open windows
<Alt+F4> Exit Point of Sale

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