How to use the basket feature in QuickBooks Point of Sale V10.

Written Sept. 5, 2011

Most people don’t even know there is a basket feature in POS. It’s almost like a hidden bonus feature. The truth is, many retailers don’t need it but it’s quite useful for processing large orders as opposed to small counter sales of just one or two items.

For example, an office supply store might get electronic orders from nearby corporations which are then prepared by the cashier when the walk-in traffic is slow, to be delivered the next morning. Here’s how it works.

Select “Make a Sale” from the Home page Navigator screen. 

Click the down arrow in the Item selection field, then click the  “List Select” button at the bottom of the pop up screen.

Now you see the item list with this box displayed below it.

Just highlight the first item to place in the basket, then click the big blue and white “+” sign.

Click the sign again to increase the quantity of that item.

Highlight a new item and click “+” to add another item to the basket.

You’ll notice that as you add items, they change to red font in the item list so you can easily see which ones you’ve selected.

When you think you’ve made all of your selections correctly, left click your cursor in the white area where it says “Items in basket:…” (There’s no indication on the screen that you should do this so it’s truly a hidden step.)

That will give you a review screen where you can change your selections before transferring them to the Sales Receipt screen.

When you’re sure the selections are correct, click OK and then select the green “Put items to Receipt” button. Complete the sale like you would any other sale.

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