Link your web store to QuickBooks with eCC

I like eCC by Webgility for linking web stores to QuickBooks. The solution that’s right for you, however, will depend on your specific needs. Do you need bi-directional exchange of inventory counts, customer information, and sales details between the store and QuickBooks? Did you put the (shopping) cart before the horse so now you’re stuck with finding an integration solution that’s compatible with your shopping cart? If so, eCC works with more shopping carts than most integrators. If you haven’t committed to a web store solution yet, don’t just turn it all over to a webmaster to make the decisions for you. They don’t understand your business like you do. Do your research and line up all of the components first.

Those can include:

  • Hosting Provider
  • Shopping Cart
  • Internet Marketplace
  • Payment Gateway
  • Merchant Processor
  • Shipping Processor

Whether you’re in the initial planning stage or already running the store and entering the data into QuickBooks manually, my preference for automating the process is a highly functional integrator like eCC which requires a bit more hands-on effort for managing orders but also give you far more control over your data, catching errors and preventing problems between web site information and QuickBooks.

I’d be happy to work with you to determine if eCC is a good fit for your web store and to help you implement eCC if it makes sense for you.

Just drop me a line at and we’ll chat about it.


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