Missing Your QuickBooks Company Logo or Attached Files In Qbox?

If you started using Qbox, only to discover your company logo is missing on your QuickBooks forms templates or you can’t find your attached documents, here’s the easy solution.

To fix the missing logo, in QuickBooks go to Lists/ Templates. Double click any customized forms template that uses your logo. Click the “Use Logo” box. Navigate to your logo file on your computer, select the logo file, then click the Open button. Click OK. You only need to do this once. The logo will be copied to the images folder in your Qbox Explorer directory and will reappear on all of your customized templates just as it did in the past.


You’ll need to locate and move the “Attach” folder which contains the documents you’ve attached to QuickBooks transactions, customers, or vendors. Look in the directory location where you formerly kept your QuickBooks company data file before you started using Qbox. Typically that’s the default location that QuickBooks uses but sometimes people place their company file somewhere unique. The default location is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files.


The folder is named “Attach”. Just copy and paste the entire folder from its current location to your Qbox Explorer. Here’s what mine looks like after I moved the folder


Problem solved!

Simply ingenious.

Simply ingenious.

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