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My clients would be better off if their CPA used Qbox.

Written September 9, 2015

I wish more CPA firms would use Qbox. As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor I recently helped a client who was having difficulty creating an Accountant’s copy. The feature was failing repeatedly due to their IT company installing QuickBooks on the network incorrectly and also because their company file name contained an ampersand, a character with which QuickBooks doesn’t play well. So although the problems were fixable, the fact that many accounting firms still rely on the Accountant’s Copy feature, frustrates me when there’s a better solution. The creation of an Accountant’s copy is certainly better than the old method of exchanging file backups, but it limits the client’s use of QuickBooks until they receive the updated Accountant’s Copy back and import the new entries. Qbox is a better solution for two reasons. First, it allows the CPA to view the client’s current data file at any time, all of the time, to monitor the client’s progress. Second, it allows the CPA to enter corrections and update the client’s file without exchanging files at all. The one limitation is that those changes need to be entered when the client isn’t using the file, and that easily can be coordinated to occur at an agreed upon time, or after the client’s normal business hours. I know some CPA firms who review the files and notate necessary changes during business hours, then actually enter those transactions very quickly between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM once a week. It takes very little time outside normal operating hours. Overall it streamlines the entire process of keeping the client files up-to-date with minimal effort. I encourage all accounting and bookkeeping firms who have QuickBooks (for Windows desktop) clients to take a look at Qbox.

Watch this real life success story by Johanson and Yau Accountancy Corporation, a California based firm founded in 1979, which performs services in auditing and accounting, tax planning and compliance, and consulting on accounting systems and internal controls.

Use this link to investigate Qbox for yourself.

Qbox is for everyone.

Simply ingenious.

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