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Qbox is an extraordinary solution for QuickBooks access.

Written July 27, 2014

You want the easiest way to access your QuickBooks company data file from two or more locations without the worry of corrupting the data nor  incurring the cost and  experiencing the lag time that hosting the file typically entails. Qbox may be the answer for you. It certainly is perfect for me. Essentially, you’ll be working with a local QuickBooks file on your own computer but you’ll be locked out of it whenever someone else is accessing an exact copy of that file on their own computer, and any changes either of you make will post into both locations so you’re always in sync. Okay, I know it’s a new concept and tricky to grasp at first but it’s SO COOL!

Here’s an example of how it works. I need to work  on a QuickBooks file at my office. My business associate also needs to work on the same file while she’s in her office. We both have licensed copies of  the exact same QuickBooks version installed on our computers. We have a Qbox subscription. Don’t worry – it’s super affordable at $9.00 per month. I have a copy of  the QuickBooks file on my computer. She has a copy of it on her computer. When I work in the file, Qbox stops my business associate from working on her copy of the file until I’m finished. Then Qbox posts all of my changes into her copy of the QuickBooks file on her computer so we’re in sync. Then it unlocks the file so she can work on it. While she works on the file, I’m locked out of it on my computer. As soon as she logs out, Qbox sends all of her changes over to my computer so once again, our two copies are in sync – exact copies of the same data file.

Now here’s the really big news. This is a fantastic solution for QuickBooks Point of Sale users who must have their financial software and data located at the store so it can integrate with Point of Sale, but they need to work in the QuickBooks financial file at home or another office location. With QBox they can do exactly that.

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Simply ingenious!

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