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When Coupons Don’t Work in QuickBooks Point of Sale and What to do About it.

Written July 16, 2011

QuickBooks Point of Sale has a feature that allows you to create discount coupons with bar codes that can be added to a customer sales receipt, or included in print advertising, to be scanned during a subsequent purchase.  In most cases, this works quite well. You just create the coupon.

Then select the items for which the coupon is applicable.

However, there’s a unique situation where coupons don’t work. The coupon feature doesn’t work when you have anything posted in the Unit of Measure field for the item being sold.

Now, here’s a way around the problem. It’s not ideal, because it’s not automatic so your cashiers have to actually remember an extra step during the sales process, but it works. Create a non-inventory item, non-taxable, called “Coupon for (whatever you want to call it)” and enter a negative dollar value. When you “sell” that coupon item on the sales receipt, it reduces the total sale by the dollar value you assigned to that coupon item. Since POS tracks all items, it tracks how many times the coupon item was used, so you can see how popular your coupon was, and total discount you’ve allowed to customers for any period of time.

By the way, if you discover that QB Point of Sale doesn’t do something you would like it to do, be sure to tell Intuit. In spite of people saying they think Intuit doesn’t care, the truth is, virtually every software change made by Intuit is in direct response to user requests. It’s a matter of the squeaky wheel getting the most attention.

So use the Help/Send Feedback feature and squeak loudly my friends, squeak loudly and often.