The Best Way to Print a Journal Entry in QuickBooks

Written August 22, 2011

Have you ever noticed that when you print a journal entry in QuickBooks you don’t get the full picture?

Literally – your image is truncated so you can’t read it properly.

For example, if your journal entry screen looks like this:

And you click the Print icon, your printed report looks like this:

The Memo field, the Account field, and the Class are all cut off so you can’t read them properly.  There’s no option to widen the columns to make them readable.

If your version of QuickBooks has a Reports icon above the journal entry, you can click that, select one of the options, then in the resulting report adjust the dates, widen the columns, and print.

A faster way to create a report for the journal entry while you’re looking at the journal entry is CTRL + Y to create the report, widen the columns as needed, and print.

Wasn’t that easy?

Intuitively Yours,


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