What you should know about how to use RSS Feed to follow a blog.

Written July 13, 2011

Sometimes we happen to not learn something that everyone else seems to already know. Then it’s so embarrassing to admit we don’t know it, that we don’t ask anyone to explain it to us. A perfect example is, “How do I subscribe to a blog?”

To subscribe to this blog, or to any other web content that displays the RSS (RDF Site Summary aka: Really Simple Syndication) Logo.

Just click on the logo (see far lower left corner of this blog screen) and you’ll see this screen.

Choose an option for where you want the feed to send the posts so you can read them. I chose Outlook, but you may prefer your Google or Yahoo account.

Click Subscribe now. In my case, I then saw this screen.

Click “Advanced…” to see the options below, and create a Feed name and special folder if you wish to. I created a new folder for my RSS Feed called “2nd Site’s Insights”.

Now my Outlook shows this:

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