by 2nd Site Business Solutions and Drive Accounting, affiliated independent consulting companies.

Phone & Remote Access Support for users of QuickBooks® software

  • Questions answered
  • Advice readily provided
  • Step by step resolution to your QuickBooks® software mysteries
  • Appointments not always needed – so just pick up the phone and call.

Periodic Support for users of QuickBooks® software products

  • Bookkeeping designed to meet your needs 
  • Monthly bank and credit card reconciliation – perfect for ensuring you have a process in place to deter fraud
  • Quarterly data quality analysis and correction
  • Annual year-end review

Clean Up and Optimization for users of QuickBooks® software

  • Data Reconstruction
  • Identify and merge duplicate list entries (Customers, vendors, employees, items)
  • Restore A/R & A/P accuracy
  • Locate and reallocate misappropriated income and expenses
  • Reconcile all balance sheet accounts including inventory and liabilities

2nd Site accepts payment by check, credit card, and electronic funds transfer.

Contact K.C. at 2nd Site Business Solutions today at 503-318-0643 or

Contact Ted Hanna or Eric Johnisee at Drive Accounting at 503-684-5169.