Consulting Services

  • Need help recovering from your long-time bookkeeper walking off of the job?
  • Looking for an expert step in and clean up a data disaster?
  • Ready to integrate your e-commerce sales but don’t know where to start?
  • Outgrowing your current QuickBooks software but need advice about your options?

Unique Services include:

  • Analyze your QuickBooks® software file and recommend options for future growth
  • Project Management
  • Troubleshoot and eliminate integrity errors, stabilize your data file
  • Customize QuickBooks® software reports and forms
  • Import/Export lists or data
  • Research third-party software solutions
  • Upgrade your data to Enterprise Platinum® software with Advanced Inventory features

QuickBooks® Solution Provider Specialties including Enterprise Sales

  • Advice on selecting and subscribing to the right Enterprise software package at the right price. 
  • Fully integrated merchant services at rates reserved for new Enterprise users

QuickBooks® Set Up

  • New data file created and configured to meet your specific needs and skill level
  • Recommendation and customization of preferences and users access rights
  • Training for staff members, tailored to their specific job descriptions

Payment Solutions – QuickBooks® Payments (Merchant Services)

Whether you’re on the go – never in the same place twice, stationary in a retail storefront, working from multiple computers in a busy office, or rotating among several sales locations, QuickBooks® Payments is fully integrated with your software to provide the most cost-effective solution. When you compare the entire cost of other providers including fees, terminal rent, cancellation fees, plus the labor associated with tracking your credit card sales data and reconciling that data with your accounting records, and the number of keystrokes required to pull the payment into QuickBooks, then consider the ease of use with QuickBooks® Payments. It’s really the only way to go.  Call us for an explanation of what most people overlook when pricing merchant services solutions. We’ll get you signed up for the lowest available rates and there’s NO CONTRACT, no application or cancellation fees.

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